Friday, September 4, 2009

Who reads this stuff? 9/4/09

Here's my problem... I don't understand why they had to invent a new language to explain the new technology!

I'm trying really hard to understand all I'm reading about Social Networking and how everything ties together, I'm getting that, I really am... don't have a clue how to do it, but I do understand the concept now! Every time I go to a website that is supposed to educate me on something like "tweaking your tweets" or "fancying up facebook" it is filled with so much technical jargon, that the website is useless to me. They sometimes offer help by sending me to another website to explain the terms used, but they are explained in more words I don't understand. It's very frustrating!

Whenever I voice this complaint to someone, they generously send me a link to yet another website explaining things, using words I don't understand. My daughter used to have a hampster that ran inside a wheel for hours at a time, but never got anywhere... I'm feeling his pain!

Another mystery I can't explain is how tweeting produces the results it does. You can't argue that it doesn't get results, the proof is in the puddin', (whatever that means), but every time I read someone else's blog, or send a private message asking them how they can handle 762,973 followers... I keep getting the same answer; "oh, I don't read tweets!" So my question is this; "Who is reading the tweets and why are they so effective?"

I've increased my Twitter following from 8 to 55 peeps. I've got three followers on my blog, if I count myself. It's a slow and painful climb so far, I will continue on and master this, my goal is to one day be able to confidently offer my services as an expert in creating your internet presence. Why should we both have to go through all of this? Eh?

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