Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Boss is Too Demanding! 9/8/09

I'm serious, she expects me to get so much done in a day. What does she think, I've got six hands and three brains? I just can't keep up with all she wants me to do... my head is spinning, my house is a mess, I've taken no time for me since, since, well I really can't remember since when. So that's it! I've made up my mind I'm putting my foot down! The insanity stops here and now!

Please excuse me while I step over to the mirror and have a little talk with her, will you?

Ok, now that that's settled I can tell you I didn't do much today. I did however manage to sign up with a website that is a spam site. If you get any tweets or facebook friends telling you to go to a questionable site and sign up... DON'T DO IT!

Even though I work for a company that pays me to identify spam websites I didn't notice any of the warning signs for this one until after I was already signed up with them. I'm actually quite embarrassed about that... so if you see me at the water cooler, please don't rub it in.

The Spam Site warning signs to look for are:
Do they give you a way to unsubscribe?
If you click on the links do they go anywhere?
When clicking on links do you end up with... well, ummm, I'm not going to call it porn (I don't want to send anyone there just to look at dirty pictures) but let's just say unrelated or questionable material?
And if you click on a link and get a page showing a lot of text, does it make any sense or is it all gibberish?

All of these are present on this website... we'll see what it is going to cost me in frustration and aggravation down the road. I knew better, I have no defense!

Update; I'm up to 83 followers! WooHoo! I've had to drop and block a few. I know I could just keep them for the numbers, but I do have my standards and I just don't care to see more pictures of Amber Flame in less clothing than she already had on in her mug shot. I had to drop a poor little boy that looked like a scared rabbit and kept telling me to be careful of sex offenders moving into my neighborhood. He posted about 10 times every hour and he was making me paranoid, even though no one new has moved into my neighborhood in years.

So all in all, I had a good and yet frustrating day, pretty much the norm for me. I did get to go to church tonight and enjoyed that thoroughly. I'm looking forward to what will be learned tomorrow. Have a good night all, sleep tight!

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