Saturday, September 5, 2009

Twitter 101... class begin 9/5/09

OK folks, here we go.... Twitter 101 is now in session.

Laugh if you must, but this is how basic it is for me. If you've already been through kindergarten and know how to hold your crayon you may find this extremely boring. On the other hand you may be amused as you watch the agonizing journey of me stumbling through the learning process.

After spending all week scanning through websites and documents on Twitter, my head was spinning and I was getting agonizingly confused. I decided I need to pick one instructional document and really study it. Of course I picked the one that my previously mentioned mentor sent me (remember the gal, @sales director, with over 4,000 followers,)... by the way, as of this morning I'm up to 64 followers!

This document she sent me is intense! It starts with a basic description of Twitter... paraphrasing: a bunch of people all talking at once, in short sentences. And again, that raises my question from yesterday; if everybody is talking who is listening?

OK, so I'm only 1% of the way through this document and it gives me three links for recommended reading. The first one, which tells me all about Twitter, how it started and how they are trying to figure out a way to make money off of it, is filled with everything Twitter.

Start by signing up for a Twitter account it says. Hey, I've done that, so already this website is making me feel like I'm ahead of the game. After all I have an account AND I have 64 followers! In case you don't have one, that part is simple. Just go to and fill in the blanks. You can have more than one twitter account by the way, which I didn't know, and some people actually have many.

Next you may want to choose a background. They have some twitter backgrounds to pick from right on your twitter page, up at the top if you click on Design. But I went to another website that someone actually tweeted me. has over 4,000 free backgrounds to choose from and then also offers the option of paying a fee to have your picture and other information put on your background. I see many custom twitter pages so I'm sure there are lots of options out there to search out... but I don't want to get bogged down on this process so I pick one from the free column and move on.

This webpage is chock full of everything twitter. Maybe you should just check it out for yourself.

Meanwhile I found out about FF = Follow Friday. Follow Friday means that all day on Twitter, peeps post names of other peeps they are following. Sounded to me like a great day to get lots of followers. For some reason it didn't work that way for me... and I ended up with a couple of followers that I didn't want following me. So I learned how to Block! If you don't want to follow someone, you can simply unfollow them, but if you don't want them following you either you can block them. Just click on their name and when you get to their page you'll see an option in the right panel to block them.

After I did this to a couple of very foul mouthed tweeters I read that you can actually report them because cursing is not allowed on Twitter. I like that rule and next time... if I can just remember where I read that and see how to do it!

Oooops! I just dropped to 63 followers. Was it something I said?

You can follow me if you'd like... @shadycovegal

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