Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look at that... I'm following myself! 9/3/09

I have one follower... and it's me! LOL

Actually if you picture a dog chasing it's tail... that's about how I feel right now. Everything I am attempting feels so elusive, like I've almost got it... but, but, wait a minute... what was I looking for again?

So Twitter seems to be the foundation of Social Networking today. Who'd a thunk? I imagine that whoever came up with the original idea never dreamed it would become what it is... I speculate that it was birthed out of the text message phenomenon that took over our cell phones, someone saw (there is always someone that will notice what is happening and come up with a brilliant way to 'do it better'), and so that someone came up with Twitter.

I imagine that "someone" saw it as being very popular with the kids, they seem to need to have a continuous connection with each other. I remember in the old days... there she goes again... but I remember when you ran into a good friend you could actually spend some time "catching up" on what's been happening in each other's lives. Whatever, those days are gone. "I'm sitting on the patio" (have you seen the commercial?)

Ok, I get all that, kind of... but now this is where it gets tricky for me. Twitter has become the hub of social networking. I was told this months ago, right after I started my Twitter account. I had eight followers and felt very popular. I went in every few days to catch up and see how everyone was doing. Sometimes there weren't even any new postings. Oh well, everyone must be busy, we do have lives after all.

I was told; "get followers" by someone that had seen the light and knew where this whole Twitter thing was headed. She "got" social networking. Well of course, I didn't listen because why in the world would I want dozens of people in my little twitter world that I didn't even know? That seemed crazy!

Now, let's zoom ahead about 3 months. I talked to an agent, (a publishing agent, because what I really want to be when I grow up is a writer) and he said; "If you had an internet presence that could help promote your work, then I would look at it." He further defined that by "internet presence" he meant over 2,000 Twitter followers, 3,000 Facebook friends, a website, a blog with over 1,000 followers (I have one follower, only 999 to go).

Flashback to 3 months earlier when I was being told "get followers!" I quickly zoomed over to that persons Twitter page... 4,576 followers! Kick me... kick me now!

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