Monday, September 7, 2009

Whadya think... Does this look good on me? 9/7/09

I got an email from a friend. She said "go look at my new website." Of course I was interested in seeing what someone else had done and scurried over to to see. It's a very well done site in my opinion, lots of good information. If you'd like to work from home but don't know how to get started check it out, she gives the pros/cons, things to watch out for, and links to many places that hire workers that work from home.

One area that her website missed, and I'll have to talk to her about this, is the work at home world of Virtual Assisting. Many companies need help with their company, but don't need a full-time employee, or don't want the overhead of one. They can hire a Virtual Assistant that works from his/her own office and provides support for their business. It's one of the things I do and a good company to sign up with is Virtual Assisting USA. You can check out my profile at . Remember the gal I keep referring to; @salesdirector, the one that told me long ago to develop an internet presence? Well she did just that for Virtual Assisting USA and now they are scheduled to have a story about them in Women's Day magazine! Millions of people will be reading about the world of Virtual Assisting and how it can benefit them. Hopefully many will come to the website and hire Virtual Assistants for their business.

OK, getting back to my friend's new website, she has a section on Blogging and making money with your Blog? Really? Well now, that had certainly never occurred to me... remember my goal is to develop an "internet presence." She has a page, I'm serious, a whole page of websites to go to that will promote your Blog. So that's what I did all day today, went from one to the other trying to understand just what it is they are going to do for me.

If you keep visiting here you'll notice some changes as I experiment with different things they offer to put on my site, all for free. I've learned something about myself that I never knew before. I'm a visual learner. Tell me about it all you want, I won't get very far on the learning curve, but show me... ahhhh that's when it kicks in. So try as I might to learn this new language by reading (it's all making sense why I did so poorly in school now) it's not getting me very far.

I read each website, but because no one is speaking my language, and I don't understand theirs, I've decided to try things on one at a time to see if it's a good fit. I've visited many websites that have wonderful features that I would love to know how to incorporate... but when I ask the site owner, they either talk to me in puter language or they just don't answer.

Another component to consider, since I've chosen to use this free website for my Blog, is just how much can I actually expect it to do for me? There seems to be a theme that runs throughout the internet world... if you want free you only get the basics, if you want more you have to pay. Lots of places offer the basics for free and since my Blog is not making me money, (but what an interesting concept that is, eh?) we are going with free all the way.

Two places on this page I've added features. I'm not sure what they do yet, and the one on the bottom actually added a line in my menu as though it was an entry I made... I don't like that. I don't know how to get rid of the line so I'll probably just have to live with it, I don't know how to add this feature without it being there... I don't even know what the feature does or if I want it yet. Time will tell.

In the meantime... if anything I do sends you an automatic email from my email list, puts you on a mailing list or calls you at 3 o'clock in the morning, I apologize in advance.

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