Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Social Networking... the joy the pain!

Have you noticed? It's not our world any longer... I'm talking to those of you that are, ahem, over 30... 40... 50, ok, let's just stop there. I remember a day long ago (ok, this is really going to give my age away) when my grandpa was watching a baseball game on his little black and white television. I asked him; "Gramps, why don't you get a color television, you'd enjoy the games so much more." He just grumbled something about how this had been good enough for all these years, don't see why we need to change now. By the way... just so you don't start wondering how I'm keeping one foot out of the grave, color television had been out for quite some time when I asked him this.

I remember thinking; "Boy, I hope I don't ever get that old, stubborn old coot!" Well, yep, you guessed it, here I am! Technology has passed me by, I'm stumbling along trying my best to keep up with the world I live in and I feel like it's leaving me in it's dust.

My newest challenge is to learn "Social Networking." It's the cutting edge method of advertising and promoting for this time we're in. I want to be able to say to you; "I'm competent and capable of leading your company to success through my efforts that will take you into the world of Social Networking and develop your internet presence."

Maybe next week I can say that... for now I'm studying, reading, attempting to slay that grumbly old voice that constantly keeps trying to say; "I don't know why we had to change everything... it seemed to work fine the way it was."

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  1. I thought you were working, sound like you have a lot of time on your hands. It always was dangerous to leave you alone for very long. Those little wheels of your get to turning and don't stop until smoke is coming out your ears. I am over at the coast and I can see the smoke from here. Fun reading, keep up the good work.
    J at MGM