Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's just a cold! 9/9/09

Well, I got my web page updated today. I didn't realize how outdated it had become... it still said I was going to start a blog. I need to stay more on top of things!

I'm finding this is a lot of work, having an internet presence. Some days I can think of so many clever (in my opinion) things to say for my Tweets. Other days, like today, I can't think of anything and I'm tempted to put meaningless entries out there, because I've found that as I consistently send out tweets I get followers. I'm not seeing the picture of how exactly that works yet, but I know on the days I send the most tweets I get the most new followers. I'm up to 88 today by the way.

I sent my agent an email updating him on my progress developing an internet presence. I'm sure he'll be pleased. Don't be too impressed by the fact that I have an agent, he hasn't agreed to be my agent... yet. But I've chosen him and I do believe one day he'll take a chance on me. I am beginning to wonder though, if I have my own internet presence, and there are places like that I can sell my book as an ebook... do I even need an agent?

Just in the nick of time I entered the writing challenge for the week at, If I haven't mentioned it, they have an awesome website where fledgling writers can try their wings in a safe environment and get lots of support and encouragement, along with constructive critisizm. They have a weekly writing challenge and I've entered every week for the last five challenges, so far I haven't placed but I sure do enjoy seeing the responses to my entries.

I caught a cold... that's what I get for leaving the house. I went to church last night and someone there must have brought a visitor that decided to come home with me. I'm always amazed that when someone else gets a cold it's "awww it's just a cold." But when I get a cold I remember how absolutely horrid they are. I'm very angry right now at all those Meth freaks that have made it impossible for me to get my 12 hour can't even tell you have a cold remedy. Anything that works has been pulled from the shelves because of abusers. That really is not fair! But I guess the good news is I'm building immunities.

I hope your day was blessed, see you tomorrow.

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