Saturday, October 24, 2009

Have you ever told a Lie?

I attended a video seminar by Ray Comfort today. It's called 'The Way of The Master'. Instead of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) His teaching looks at WDJD or What Did Jesus Do? His premise is that Jesus, instead of getting drawn into social issues, controversial or theological arguments, went straight to the Heart of the Issue... He went directly to the conscience of the person confronting Him.

Mr. Comfort finds it a waste of time and energy to argue these issues but goes straight for the heart of the matter and asks; "Can you tell me any of the 10 Commandments?"

I found it quite revealing that out of all the clips they showed of people answering that question, almost every one of them (well of those that could think of any commandment) quoted Thou Shalt Not Kill. I'm fascinated by the fact that a person that would argue adamantly that they are not a sinner, but believe themselves to be a very good person goes first and foremost to the one commandment that they feel no guilt about. Do you think that says, on some level, that they know they have broken the law and are guilty?

Anyhow Mr. Comfort then asks them; "Have you ever told a lie?" Some attempt to answer no, many say they have but they don't do that any longer, but everyone eventually admits they have lied. "So what does that make you?" He asks. The only answer can be; A liar.

Next he asks; "Have you ever stolen anything?" It was interesting that the majority of people said that they hadn't until he defined stealing as taking anything, even a paperclip from work. "So what does that make you?" A thief

"Jesus said if you look at a woman with lust in your heart you have commited adultry, have you ever looked at a woman lustfully?" No one argued that they hadn't done this. "So what does that make you?" An adulterer.

"Have you ever used the Name of the Lord as a cuss word?" Again no one said they hadn't. "So what does that make you?" A blasphemer.

"So you've just admited you are a liar, a thief, an adulterer and a blasphemer. When you go before God to be judged do you think He will find you innocent or guilty?"

It was pretty amazing how many people said they believed that God would still find them innocent. Once again Mr. Comfort quoted the scripture that no liar, thief, adulterer or blasphemer would be allowed into Heaven and asked again. At that point most would say "Well, guilty I guess." Then he would ask; "So if you are guilty do you think you will go to Heaven or Hell?" Again, amazing how many said they thought God is a loving God and didn't want anyone to go to hell. He would let them into Heaven.

It was quite an interesting approach to evangelism that personally I had never seen before. Very direct and hard hitting, letting the hearer know what it is they can be saved from. It's Mr. Comfort's contention that America has developed a sugar coated evangelistic style that does nothing but raise up large numbers of false christians by telling them becoming a christian can make their lives more enjoyable. Then when things get difficult they fall away because they wanted to be saved to something instead of saved from something.

I admit I have to agree, and look very forward to trying out this style of evangelism.

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