Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back There AGAIN?

Last weekend we went camping for three days. I call it camping but we actually take our 18 ft. travel trailer, with most of the comforts of home, 20 miles down the road to the State Park, and hang out there. We've had people ask us why we keep going to the same place, and don't we get tired of it?

Maybe I just need to stop calling it camping and instead say; "We're going Retreating" because that's what we do. When we leave home we shake off all of the things we "should be doing" and look forward with anticipation to long conversations with God and each other, prayer, reading and music. As far as we're concerned the park just down the street from us is the perfect place for that. It doesn't take us half a day to get there and we make the most of our time off by getting there quickly.

This week while we were Retreating we spent part of the time visiting some friends from our church; We'd never been to their place so we were looking forward to seeing it.

They have a wonderful business that they work as a family; Dad, Mom and 2 kids. They provide dutch oven, country cooked meals for events, are equiped to give horse drawn carriage service for weddings or special occassions, hay rides in the fall... there's so much they do you just have to go check out the website yourself. If you're ever in Southern Oregon, you'll definitely want to contact them and be blessed by an experience of a lifetime. You can go to their website and check their calendar to see where they'll be, or schedule them for an event of your own.

They cooked us one of their dutch oven meals and it was so very good. Good doesn't begin to describe it actually but, well, it's one of those things you just have to experience yourself.

We had so much fun and really appreciated our time with them. They've carved out a small piece of this world and turned it into a little slice of heaven and we felt blessed that they shared it with us for an afternoon and evening.

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