Friday, October 30, 2009

Girl Time is the Greatest!

I've been going to a Thursday night Women's Bible Study since September. I'm realizing that each week I've come to love it more. The teaching is wonderful. The studies challenge us to dig into God's Word. The thought provoking questions that come up are stimulating. The prayers are uplifting. But the fellowship, ahhh, the fellowship. That's what can't be duplicated anywhere else. It's pure unadulterated girl time!

When we discuss the Bible, Jesus, and struggles we deal with in our walk, it takes on a different tone when there are only gals in the mix and all the thoughts and theories are from our perspective. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing men or saying that their input ranging everywhere from fascinating to perplexing isn't interesting, all I'm saying is there is a very sweet satisfaction that comes from having no testosterone in the room for this special time we spend together.

When I joined this group I knew most of the gals by name, but being new to the church I didn't feel any connections. Something happens when you spend time with someone on a regular basis. We pray for one another, talk about kids, pets, complaints, praises and everything in between. There is a trust for one another that grows and intimacy develops. All from just spending time together.

Do you think that is what God had in mind when he tells us in James 4:5 that He yearns jealously for time with us? It's great to go to church and wonderful to spend time playing and in fellowship with fellow believers, we grow from both. But something very special happens when we take the time to turn everything off, shut everything out and just spend time alone with God. As intimacy is developed our trust grows. The more we know Him the more we find out we can walk through anything knowing with confidence that He will never let us down or forsake us.

We will all stand before God one day. No one from the beginning of time until it's end will stand before Him saying; "You let me down, You weren't there for me." Not one! That's quite a record in my opinion.

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